Services We Provide

Agumentik Consultancy is here to provide you with the solution to your complications and to install wings to your Business with our following service.

Career coaching consultancy

It's Agumentik prime responsibility to guarantee you the success for getting the best job for you and give a boost to your career.       


Admission consultancy

Getting admission to a college is not a big thing but getting admission to the best college for you is the big thing which Agumentik has expertise in. 



It is true that getting success without strategies and planning is just by luck. At Agumentik we combine the expertise of our professionals to make luck happen every time.


HR Consultancy

For a company or an institution getting success also depends on proper management of their human resources in which Agumentik can guide you the best.


Operations Consultancy

Getting clients is not enough until you are fulfilling their requirements which can be enhanced by enhancing the operation of your company.


Immigration Consultancy

Not getting through VISA? We specialize in consultancy in driving your inner potential to pass it thoroughly and fly your wishes. Augmentik helps you to emigrate from another country through a legal and documentation process.


Financial Consultancy

Difficulty in managing the business? Retail management, Insurance, Banking stuff is all just blowing head, Ask us all. Augmentik will provide you proper guidance to stabilize your business financially.


Compliance Consultancy

We develop processes and programs to ensure organization-wide compliance with applicable laws and standards. Augmentik consultants assist healthcare organizations in achieving conformance with government regulations.


Social Media Consultancy

Only gaining customers will not let you become successful. Retaining and making a good relationship with them is equally important, there comes the role of social media consultancy from us.


Legal Consultancy

With everything going smooth and fine one small mistake can cause a legal problem which as a company one does not like to invite. Here's our expert advice to benefit your company.


Real Estate Consultancy

Having a hard time understanding the art of buying and selling properties! Call us, we're here for you! Invest through our consultancy to continue growing toward success.


Wellness & Fitness Consultancy

Investment in wellness and fitness is considered the best investment now also which will continue giving return till last. And agumentik is here to provide you with the best consultancy for it.


Growth Marketing Consultancy

Looking to expand your business even more but want some Expert advice to avoid mistakes. Then the Agumentik Consultancy comes into the picture.


Design Consultancy

Want to get noticed for your designs and stand out among your competitors. Agumentik Consultancy is here to guide you with highly creative designs for your website, brochure, posts.


Marketing Consultancy

The major problem of a business is to let the people know that you exist for such wonderful service. But Agumentik Consultancy is here to provide you with full proof working strategies for marketing your products and company as a whole.


Education Consultancy

Getting confused about what to study next, which field has more scope in the coming future, what shoots best to you, worry not Agumentik have all the answers to your queries.


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